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Back Office Productivity Metrics

Asked on 30 July

Many agents at our company process customer transactions in a back office environment. We have developed a performance management system to measure aspects of each back office processing request: duration, completions rates, frequency repeats, and execution quality. We are NOT currently measuring the actual volume each agent processes a day. As a result our agents have realized they can process very few orders and as long as they do them well, their performance metrics will not be affected.

We are thinking of introducing a new "idle time" KPI to compare the hours the agent is scheduled in production and the time he is engaged in transactions.

Our question is twofold:

• Do other companies have a metric to measure back office productivity?

• What should our target (benchmark) be for this idle time metric? (We cannot compare it with occupancy standards from the frontline because frontline agents have no control over how many calls are routed to them, while back-office agents control when they pull queries to process them.)

Thanks so much in advance!



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