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Manpower Requisition Form

Asked on 28 February

We are revisiting our recruiting process to streamline interim steps and drive for greater efficiency. I am keen to understand the role of job requisition forms (otherwise called Manpower Requisition Forms or Request to Hire forms) in your recruiting process. If you do use one,

  • Is the form mandatory to start the recruiting cycle for a given position.
  • What inputs do you capture in the form (from hiring managers or others) to initiate the recruiting cycle. You also share a sample form if possible.
  • Do you use an online form (integrated in to your recruiting system) or is it paper based?
  • Is the requisition form viewed as a requirement driven by HR or is it driven by the finance team as a way to ensure budget accounting and headcount control.
  • Are there various level of sign off required to enforce the requisition before the recruiting cycle
I look forward to your inputs!

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