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Asked on 10 November

To inaugurate the Anti-Corruption Program Forum, we are seeking information from our members on the current state of their Anti-Corruption Program. Responses to this question will help inform the course this forum takes over the coming months by identifying common pain points.

What components of your anti-corruption program most trouble you?
  • Changes in the regulatory environment
  • Cross-function collaboration and coordination (i.e., legal, audit, risk, compliance, finance, business strategy)
  • Difficulty of finding appropriate standards for gifts, meals, travel, etc.
  • Third party anti-corruption compliance
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the anti-corruption program

What solutions are you exploring to improve your program or alternatively what areas are you focusing on for improvement?
  • Revising the anti-corruption policies
  • Training the employee base
  • Integrating corruption risk into the business process
Feel free to respond with any other problems or solutions you feel should be highlighted through this forum.  

And as always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding this forum. 



About the Anti-Corruption Program Forum

The Anti-Corruption Program Forum is a community for senior most leaders seeking quick answers to anti-corruption related questions. Connect with over 1,000 peers responsible for the successful implementation and maintenance of their company’s Anti-Corruption Program. Share questions, insights, and expertise on issues related to managing an anti-corruption program. Discussion topics include understanding the UK Bribery Act; managing heightened enforcement of the FCPA; navigating local anti-corruption laws; establishing gifts, travel, and entertainment policies; training and educating employees; and performing third-party due diligence, among many others.

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