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Conducting Scenario Analysis

Asked on 20 June

We are looking at doing more high level scenario planning of our financials, but we are limited by the current set of tools at our disposal. As a result, we are looking at what tools other companies use to conduct scenario analysis. We would be particularly interested in getting responses to the following questions:

1) Do you conduct scenario analysis on your financials?
2) What type of scenario analysis do you do? On the P&L, Cash Flow, etc?
3) What tools or applications do you use to conduct this analysis?
4) Would you recommend the tools you have?

Key Takeaways:

6 peers participated in this discussion.

1) All the respondents conduct scenario analysis on their financials.

2) Five respondents conduct scenario analysis on all  types of financial statements including P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Liquidity and Credit Metrics. Interestingly a respondent limits the analysis to individual product segments, and then make changes only in the main drivers such as revenue and cost units.

3) Tools to conduct this analysis include Hyperion Strategic Finance/Crystal Ball, and complex Excel models.

4) Respondents recommend the use of Hyperion products.

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